Our Small Business Story:

We are proud to be family & operated here at Main Street Co. With locations in both Newton & Wichita, Kansas, we are your go to shopping destination for fashion, accessories, gifts, gadgets, and SO much more!

When you shop with us, you become part of the Main Street Co. family and each year as our "family" continues to grow, we feel more & more grateful to be apart of the communities we're in.

Our story started in 1986:

Tina Ostrander started her retail career at the age of 5 when her mom opened The High Street Co. in 1986. Her 1st job was to gift wrap and she jokes that she can still wrap faster than anyone else ;).

Over the past 38 years this family run business has opened and closed a number of retail stores but one thing has always stayed that same- their commitment to bringing their customers the best in fashion, decor, gifts and gadgets and to treat everyone like family. 

Through the Years:

Their 1st retail store, The High Street Co was housed in an old brick grocery store in a residential part of Newton and that is where Tina’s love of retail started.  Vicki, her mom, taught her it was all about the relationships and that you can’t sell off an empty wagon. Vicki was an amazing buyer and had a knack for knowing just what customers were looking for and always having plenty of inventory for people to choose from.  Then in 1995 Vicki bought Paper Etc. an existing party good and gift store. which later became Main Street Co in 2003.  Tina worked in both stores throughout high school and always went along on buying trips learning the art of buying from her mother.

Tina's Experience:

Tina graduated college in 2003 with a marketing degree and put it to work immediately at the families newest store in Newton, Kitchen Corner.  At that time each store had it’s own niche: High Street Co was gifts and home decor, Main Street Co was becoming more of a boutique and Kitchen Corner was well all things kitchen. 

In 2011 they ventured out of Newton and opened Redbird Boutique in east Wichita.  This store was a combination of the 3 in Newton and had a little bit of everything.  Tina managed this store and continued to help with the marketing and buying. Then In 2014 after 28 years they closed The High Street Co., the little shop that had started it all.  And then in 2016 with a new baby on the way they decided to close Redbird Boutique in Wichita and focus on the 2 stores, Main Street Co & Kitchen Corner in Newton.

Main Street Co. Today:

In 2019 Tina’s parents, Vicki & Ken decided it was time to retire.  Tina wasn’t ready to let the stores go so she and her husband Matt purchased the stores Jan 1, 2020…With no idea what lay ahead that year.

Though 2020 brought about a lot of changes they weren’t all bad!  We now have a website, an app, have live shopping events on facebook and our app each week.  Main Street Co & Kitchen Corner combined into one space in Newton and has truly become the store with something for everyone. And in September of 2023 we opened a new location again in east Wichita.  

Where we treat everyone like family.

Main Street Co is your go to lifestyle shop with something for everyone.

Whether you're shopping for you or your loved ones, we bring the best in fashion, decor, gifts and gadgets.

Known for our personalized customer service and sense of "family" every time you shop with our family owned business, we so excited you're here.